US-Iran tensions


China will reinvent finance while computing power grows and genome sequencing becomes cheaper

He spoke in a voice that was grave and almost bass.,It is at one and the same time, a nation and a dialect; it is theft in its two kinds; people and language..? Leo Tolstoy,It seems that that is not to be done. In short, there are many things which I cannot tell.,To solve the question of how freedom and necessity are combined and what constitutes the essence of these two conceptions, the philosophy of history can and should follow a path contrary to that taken by other sciences. Instead of first defining the conceptions of freedom and inevitability in themselves, and then ranging the phenomena of life under those definitions, history should deduce a definition of the conception of freedom and inevitability themselves from the immense quantity of phenomena of which it is cognizant and that always appear dependent on these two elements.!When Toussaint came, he had said to her:,The child stared with bewildered eyes at this great star, with which she was unfamiliar, and which terrified her.;

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